My Parents’ Strength and Sacrifice

In the mosaic of my life, each tile represents a person, memory, or experience, but two pieces shimmer with an iridescent glow — those dedicated to my parents, my unwavering caregivers. To say they’ve been the silent backbone supporting my journey would be an understatement; they are the very heartbeat of my existence.

The Risk of the Unknown

For me, each day presents its own set of challenges, forcing me to navigate through the known and unknown. There’s a poignant truth in Edith Eger’s words, especially when she notes that humans often opt for the familiar discomfort over an unfamiliar possibility. We’d rather stick with what we know, painful or untenable as it …

The Masks We Wear

If you’ve met me in person or follow me on social media, you probably see me as the ever-smiling guy in the wheelchair. Scrolling through my socials, it’s easy to see a narrative of relentless optimism and joy. Daniel Negreanu once remarked about my positivity, saying, “This guy is loving his life, so why don’t …

My Love Affair with Poker

Being a fiercely competitive person at heart, my Spinal Muscular Atrophy often feels like a barrier, keeping me from indulging in sports or even most video games. But amidst these restrictions, I found a game that not only quenches my competitive thirst but also offers an equal playing field: poker.

Life Beyond Expectations

We live in a world where our stories are often shaped by our circumstances, by the labels thrust upon us, and the expectations that society subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) layers on our shoulders. For someone like me, diagnosed with a condition like Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the tale is frequently one of battles—against one’s body, against perceptions, against time itself.