I play poker and help people reach their potential

K.L. Cleeton

Ambassador Proposal

Email: highhands89@gmail.com


I'm a 33-year-old poker pro, entrepreneur, and influencer from Illinois. I was born with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which can best be described as something close to being completely paralyzed from the neck down, but I can feel absolutely everything.

Why Poker?

Poker is the great equalizer. From the moment I learned the game, I have been captivated me with its strategic depth, offering a platform where anyone can play, regardless of physical abilities. This inclusivity resonates with my SMA experience.


With a unique story to tell and a strong personal brand already built, I am able to reach a large audience that is invested in what I have to say.

I am direct proof that poker is for everyone.


Expanding the game of poker through positivity and inclusivity is my mission, and the uniqueness of my experience resonates with audiences all around the world. I bring goodwill and positive public attention no one else can. This makes me a compelling figure to represent your brand. My story is unique, but it is also identifiable. I am aspirational and inspirational.

  • Your branding prominently placed on me in any public or virtual setting
  • Placement in a feature-length documentary centered around myself, my family, poker, and accessibility/disability that is currently in production. The project has a goal for worldwide distribution, international film festival entry, and critical and peer recognition in the awards circuit.
  • Placement as a presenting sponsor on my Twitch channel with a guaranteed number of streams to be negotiated
  • Regularly featured in poker news outlet updates (e.g. PokerNews and Poker.org) with your branding visible
  • Easy access to long-form, large-audience media outlets like podcasts (e.g. OnlyFriends and Cracking Aces) with your logo and mentions of your brand during appearances
  • Guest appearances readily available on the largest poker vlogger's channels like Daniel Negreanu and Johnnie Vibes
  • Articles written about me by PokerNews and/or Poker.org with your branding mentioned and featured
  • Vlog/series about my daily life and all that goes into me being able to play live with guest appearances from the biggest poker personalities in the industry with your brand as the exclusive sponsor
    • An editor would be required for this to take place as the time investment is not something I would be able to maintain on my own in addition to playing
  • Multiple posts daily with poker and life updates during the series featuring videos and images of myself wearing your branding material
  • Daily branded posts about your brand with messaging provided by your marketing department
  • Appearances on streams like Poker Night in America, WPT, & RoundersTonight! with me wearing your branding


I'm seeking opportunities as a paid ambassador to sponsor my poker travels

Because of my unique needs, traveling is significantly more expensive for my family. Therefore, these funds will allow me to travel to Las Vegas and/or other locations and play a significant number of events in order to maximize exposure.